For simplicity, we have chosen to use the masculine form "player" in our texts on this website.

Of course, in the spirit of inclusion, this refers to everyone, it does not matter whether he, she or diverse.

Play it smart!

We learn our mother tongue easily and intuitively. Why not learn a foreign language the same way? Children and animals learn through play.

That is why Spielingo creates language games for young and old. We develop games with which you can learn languages and cultures with fun and ease. Our motto is: Play it smart!

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Playing instead of cram

Learning games also for learning disabilities e.g. dyslexia

Stubborn memorization of foreign languages is out - new words are much easier to remember if the approach is fun. That's why we're packing our first games in German/ English and German/French into an entertaining memo game: flip & find part 1 invites children as young as four years old to discover new linguistic territory.

Players who have basic knowledge of the respective language play one of the 2 other possible game variants of flip & find.

Listening and speaking are combined with pictures and are better remembered than only learning the words by heart.

We recommend flip & find also for dyslexics thanks to its easy to read font.

Especially children with concentration and attention problems appreciate the break from digital media.

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A different kind of vocabulary trainer!

Our first game is called flip & find. Verbs German-English or French-German. It challenges the brain with such ease that we learn vocabulary on the side and do something for our memory performance.

Our games are available through our webshop.

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