Our nature and every living creature are close to our hearts. What drives us is not money, but to change things, whether in education or the environment...

That's why we are constantly rethinking the consequences of our production and the shipping of our games.

We do without any plastic in our games. In cooperation with the company Thieme in Meissen, our first game flip & find was produced exclusively from recycled material.

Our flip & find playing cards are made of beer mat cardboard and are not sealed with lacquer; the boxes are folded and not glued; the organic colours used are based on renewable raw materials. Our packaging is and remains plastic-free.

flip & find is produced locally.

We fold and assemble the flip & find boxes in our own company. Every box that leaves our company is carefully checked before shipping.

Every further game is checked by us for sustainability and is only put on the market if it meets our sustainability standards.

Spielingo is proud to be part of the reforestation of a forest area that was infested with bark beetles.