About us...

We're sisters. What unites us are of course our genes and the love for languages and games. This is where the idea for

Spielingo - Smarter is who plays!

Spielingo develops and produces games that teach the user languages in a playful way. In contrast to other learning opportunities, Spielingo's games support the learners with a lot of fun for a successful learning experience.

The games of Spielingo also offer a break from the digital constant fire. The use of an analogue learning aid is particularly suitable for children with concentration and attention problems. Games from Spielingo support relevant school subjects because they are adapted to school learning content. Newly acquired knowledge from Spielingo games can be applied immediately. Das erste Spiel von Spielingo ist flip & find – ein gedächtnis- und sprachtrainierendes Spiel bei dem Spieler Paare bilden dürfen. Viel Spaß!

we create games for everybody who likes to play while learning a new language at the same time.


Learning by doing instead of learning by heart. While playing engaging multiple senses: See, hear, speak, touch. The more senses used the more effective the learning process.

Our history...

We find again and again that unfortunately, school teaching methods have not changed significantly in the last decades. Looking into a book and learning by heart is still the predominant approach. It is understandable that children and adults often don't want to do this, especially since science says that it is not possible to concentrate on anything for more than 20 minutes. Who has no desire, will learn in this hour also nothing. The focus is then on thoughts such as "I don't feel like it", "When is this lesson finally over?", "What time is it?", "Oh God, another 20 minutes", etc.

The idea for Spielingo came to us when a pupil in a tutoring class said that he didn't feel like it and that he would do the time here now, since his parents had paid for the lessons after all. What to do? He would not participate and the lesson would be a waste of time for students and teachers. We tried a game and the student was there with all his energy. He wanted to win, developed ambition, had fun and learned English vocabulary on the side. So it is smarter to play.

Our games focus on the knowledge kids need to have based on school curricula, helping students with their assignments.

Petra is our creative head. Her interest in languages and games and the desire to teach her students English in a different way was the impulse for Spielingo. Her own children and her students gave and give her inspiration.

1983 Au-pair in Florence with the degree "Diploma di Profitto". After the master degree in the USA, 4 years lecturer at the Kansas State University. Several years of experience as language teacher for German, English and Italian at various national and international schools and institutions. Trained in dealing with reading and spelling difficulties, learning disabilities and dyslexia. January 2019 Foundation of the English Studio. Freelancer for various language schools.

Birgit is the visionary. She trusts in her professional experience and her intuition. She transforms the creative ideas into reality.

1981 Au-pair in Paris with the degree "Diplome de la langue francaise". Language school with training as foreign language correspondent in English and French. Taught both languages part-time at the adult education centre. Employed full-time for 35 years with medium-sized and large companies in export. Since 1998 responsible for drafting contracts in English for an English company.