Our mission - Play it smart!

We love language(s) and games and we love people. With our language learning games we want to contribute to making language learning fun and easy to understand through our games. In addition, the games manifest themselves in shorter time in your long-term memory. Being able to speak, read and write a foreign language opens doors at school, at work and in private life. Language connects and builds bridges in interpersonal relationships. Language facilitates cosmopolitanism.

The best moment for us is to try out a prototype with students and to observe the enthusiasm of the other players. Not a word about "learning game", but pure enthusiasm to reach the goal. This is the moment when we know we have created something positive. The second best moment comes when, after a long period of trying and improving, production starts.

Our values

Our daily work is inspired by our values.

People: Everyone can learn new things and there is a personal learning method for everyone, but what almost everyone loves is learning games. In our opinion, the best learning method.

Passion: To create a game for each topic that brings the language closer to the learner. Comprehensible and playful.

Sustainability: We are constantly rethinking the consequences of our production and the shippin of our games. We therefore do without any plastic in our games. In cooperation with the company Thieme in Meissen, our first game 'flip&find' was produced exclusively from recycled material. Our 'flip&find' playing cards are made of beer mat cardboard and are not sealed with lacquer; the boxes are folded and not glued; the organic colours used are based on renewable raw materials. Our packaging is and remains plastic-free.

'flip&find' is produced locally. Every further game is checked by us for sustainability and is only brought to the market if it meets our sustainability requirements.

Our products

are designed to show quick learning success and the acquired knowledge is soon put to use.

flip & find is the beginning of a series of games that focus on school vocabulary. Since verbs are an important part of a sentence, we have started with a series of the most used verbs. Flip & find is available for the English and French language.

Spellingo is an exciting, easy-to-learn card game that brings logic to English spelling. With Ingo, Willy & Co. you playfully learn English spelling and lots of vocabulary at the same time.

More card and dice games to teach spelling and sentence structure in English and French are being developed.

The learning problems of our students often give the impulse for new games. A process that sometimes takes months in development until the game meets the learning goal.

Our customers

are open-minded, have fun playing games and enjoy languages at every age.

Learning and having fun, knows no age.